40 years Paloina

Paloina was founded in December 1971 by Erda and Johan Baerents. Therefore December 2011 is our birthday! We will celebrate 40 years Paloina with a show and party with the best dance and music of 40 years Paloina. A lot has changed in the past 40 years, the dancers are younger than before, we train them ourselves so they can start at a young age. The internet and social media like Facebook made it easy to make contacts all over the World, so we have more performances in other countries. And our repertoire these days consist of many European, but also non-European dances. Good things stayed from the beginning of our existence and still have great value for us: Paloina still works with guest choreographers specialized in the dance-style that they teach and Paloina still works with their own Paloina-orchestra under direction of Johan Baerents.

Johan and Erda, a lot of ex-dancers and musicians and our loyal audience will celebrate with us in march 2012.


About Paloina

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